Social Impact & Environmental Consciousness

"As a small business owner I have been given a gift: Traditional medicine is a passion of mine, and I'm able to practice that passion every day. But caring for people and our planet is my responsibility. I do all I can to give back to my community and practice stewardship every step of the way." Alicia M. Genna, MS, L.Ac.   

Photo by NASA

Photo by NASA

Our oils, herbs, and tinctures are sourced from local, planet-friendly, small businesses

Using organically grown and ethically wildcrafted products is important for our patients' health. But it is also vital to the sustainability of our environment. We personally know, or have thoroughly vetted these sources and they've passed our test with flying colors. 


Fat of the Land Apothecary

FAT OF THE LAND is the love child of Anja Rothe, an old and dear friend. By using only ethically wildcrafted and organically grown plants in her products she is able to capture the potent medicine of the seasons. By packaging all her products in glass amber bottles and recycled paper she aims to preserve the vital force of the plants while reducing waste.

Brooklyn Grange

BROOKLYN GRANGE is the leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the US. They operate the world's largest rooftop soil farms, located on two roofs in New York City, and grow over 50,000 lbs of organically-cultivated produce per year. In addition to their produce, they now keep egg-laying hends and have launched a commercial apiary. They strive for a more sustainable city with green energy, clear waterways, clear air, and accessible nutrition.


Inner Ecology

INNER ECOLOGY carefully sources the medicinals they carry with special attention to how sustainably they were cultivated and transported as well as to the certified absence of pesticides or any chemical residues. They do not sell medicinals derived from endangered species unless they arrive with a certificate to guarantee safe sourcing.

Local Roots NYC

LOCAL ROOTS NYC connects New Yorkers with freshly picked, organic produce from local farms and well made, handcrafted, small batch provisions. Local Roots NYC founder Wen-Jay Ying created a CSA that is grounded in principles of integrity, innovation, and passion and has gathered a team that is deeply involved in the local food system.